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Tuesday August 4

OSHA's ABC's of PPE: Assessing Workplace Hazards and Protection Guidelines

By: Matthew Burr, Burr Consulting LLC


Businesses in retail, construction, manufacturing and package delivery should review recently issued industry-specific guidance from Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) as shelter-at-home orders expire and employees return to work. Following these recommendations from OSHA will help employers contain the COVID-19 pandemic while continuing to operate.

This webinar will focus on the workplace safety implications of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), including: voluntary and mandatory respirator use; illness recording/reporting issues; how to respond to employee or Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) complaints; the legal obligation (if any) to comply with guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); and health and safety issues that may arise when employees are working from home. The webinar will also address OSHA’s recently issued “Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19,” which defines risk categories and provides recommendations on controls and how to protect employees from COVID-19.

Monday August 24-Wednesday August 26

Summer Growth Summit

By: Jeffrey Scott Consulting, Inc.

The Summer Growth Summit is an interactive conference and landscape facility tour for owners and their teams.

This year's theme: Optimizing your service mix for increased market share and profitability.


Growing a succesfull landscape business requires that you develop and expand the right "mix" of services. If you focuss on just one service you can put your business at risk and leave oppertunities on the table, and yet if you over diversify you can spread your company too thin.

You need to strike the right balance - with the right people, process and pricing - in order to scale and make a consistenly high profit. This can be very challenging!

This Summit will show you how to identify which services make the most money, how to improve less profitable niches and how to run each of these services for more profit and sustainable growth.

This year's facility tour of A+ Lawn and Landscape in Des Moines, IA, will address 6 different services: Maintenance/Mowing, Irrigation, Fertilizer, Landscape Design Build, Snow and a Garden Center.

Your Takeaways & Growth Opportunities:

  • How to adopt the attitude and mindset required to perform as the leader in the market;
  • How to differentiate yourself from the competiton by relentlessly building a company culture and marketing strategy;
  • How to consistenly operate at 20% net profit;
  • How to grow each division as a standalone high-profit division;
  • Walk away with a blueprint for success, with Jeffrey Scott's tools and systems;
  • Increase production "throughput" in order to achieve a more profitable bottom line;
  • Learn best practices from the best of the best.

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