Certified Plant Diagnostician

The Certified Plant Diagnostician (CPD) program is available to anyone eligible. It is intended to recognize your skill and ability in diagnosing plant problems. You do not have to have completed the Certified Nursery Professional program in order to complete this program.

Pests of Landscape Trees & Shrubs” by Steve H. Dreistadt, and “A Systematic Approach to Diagnosing Plant Damage” by Green, Maloy and Capizzi are the official training manuals for Idaho’s advanced Certified Plant Diagnostician.

CPD Recipients

 Certification YearName 
1999David Higbee
Debbie Hepworth
1999Ed Hubbard 
1999Gerry Bates 
1999Julie Jacobson 
1999Robert Pitman 
1999Willy Birkholz 
2000Cindy Fry 
2000Janet McCrorey 
2000Kevin Lockie 
2000Kevin McCracken 
2000Vicki Laird
2002Darlene McDonald
2002Dwight Allen
2002Sandra Reichert 
2004Matthew Perkins
2005Julie Lafferty

Certification YearName 
2006Brian Winn
2007Al Young
2007Robert Wilson
2009Eric Celmer
2009Steven Grigsby
2009William Habblett III
2011Vicki Dodd-Minder
2012Mike Bauer
2013Elizabeth Maxwell
2013Jennifer Jensen
2013Randy Valcarce
2014Sue Patterson
2015Barbara Romero
2015Chris Summerhays
2015Holly Lostra
2017Heather LaRocco
2017Zachary Heffernan 

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