INLA Scholarship Opportunities

The INLA awards scholarships to deserving candidates. The scholarships are awarded at the Idaho Horticulture Expo in January in Boise, ID, each year. At this time the scholarship awards are for the amount of $750.

Three Scholastic Award at the 2018 Idaho Horticulture Expo

During the Idaho Horticulture Expo, three students were chosen for their scholastic record, student need, and their ability and sincerity in pursuing employment in the nursery industry in Idaho. Each student received a check for $750.00. Listed below are students who won the scholarships. Three scholarships were awarded from the INLA scholarship fund and presented to:

Jared Adamson, BYU - Idaho

Stanford Nash, BYU – Idaho

Penelope Rose, CWI

Press Release on the Scholastic Awards

Phone: 208-681-4769 

Fax: 208-529-0832


Mailing Address:

PO Box 2065, Idaho Falls, ID 83403

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